Talbot Residence

Highgate, North London, N6
Location:Highgate, North London, N6
Project Type:Residential
Services:Interior Architecture, Interior Design, Project Co-ordination, Procurement, Styling

The Black and Milk team was invited to work on this exceptional family semidetached Edwardian home within Highgate. During the pandemic, the family re-developed the interior scheme of their property, but they felt it was very cold and lacked warmth. While the structural aspects of the property were maintained, Black and Milk took a strategic approach to working with the existing canvas and implementing innovative ideas that would provide the family home with an abode that oozed Cosy Luxury interior design and warmth.

The project's narrative is one of the most interesting ones in our portfolio. Our main objective was to ensure that the Scottish family's personality was infused throughout the property and tailored towards their lifestyle, most notably allowing the new design to work cohesively with the existing canvas. Great importance was placed on the overall lighting scheme, and interior spatial design was considered when renovating the semidetached house. Minor structural changes were made within the home to provide better functionality and use of the space.

One of the main points of interest within the home is the two reception rooms, which lay on either side of an impressive three-meter-tall hallway as you enter the property. The clients' main concerns with the rooms are that they were never used due to their lack of design and style.

We saw this as an opportunity within the design to pay tribute to the traditional notions of a separate seating area, and 'His' and 'Her' lounges were born. The moody blue hues of the Gentleman lounge set as a perfect backdrop for evoking the grandeur of a cigar lounge, with a more playful, expressive touches. On the other hand, the Ladies Lounge is a serene oasis that provides the perfect hang out for coffee dates and socials. Another of our objectives was to integrate the back modern extension with the traditional elements of the home whilst providing warmth to its cold concrete floor. A bespoke kitchen, island, and hidden breakfast area designed by Black and Milk incorporate richer materials to add a layer of warmth to the family's open-plan dining area. To keep the design cohesive with the front of the house, traditional backsplash tiles were implemented to the modern design of the kitchen. An impressive golf leaf-based table anchors the centre of the dining area with a soft, napkin-like pendant sits a top, softening the overall look and feel. Hidden away within the lounge area, sits a cinema room. The walls were draped and upholstered in Tartan fabric panelling to provide sound installation and pay heritage to the client's Scottish roots

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