Project Management

The Project Management team at Black and Milk plays a crucial role in our delivery process, making them integral to the success of each project we undertake.

In navigating the diverse landscape of project demands, our commitment is unwavering: achieving the delicate equilibrium between programmatic requirements, cost considerations, and design excellence. This commitment is upheld through a sense of project ownership, ensuring that challenges are met with proactive solutions at every turn.

Our approach encompasses robust leadership throughout all project stages—from inception and briefing to design, planning, procurement, construction, and completion, extending to post-completion management. Rooted in established project management methodologies, our service assures clients of the highest control, governance, and transparency levels. We establish effective communication structures, foster collaboration among all stakeholders, and proactively manage risks, ensuring a coordinated and effective project delivery.

Securing the necessary permissions from various authorities is a pivotal step in most building projects. Whether it involves Permitted Development, Planning permission, Freeholder’s consent, Conservation Area consent, Listed Building consent, Party Wall awards, Building Regulations approval, or other considerations, we guide clients through the regulatory landscape. We provide early advice on required consents and approvals, recommend pre-planning advice in complex cases, and handle applications on behalf of clients, involving reputable planning, heritage, and specialist consultants as needed.

In the design development phase, we assemble a skilled and proficient team of specialist contractors, including structural engineers, mechanical and electrical engineers, surveyors, and other industry specialists, to ensure that every facet of the project benefits from the expertise required to address its unique challenges and requirements. We establish a draft project budget early on, continually refining it to provide a comprehensive view of project expenditures. Project risks are identified and meticulously managed.

Upon completing the design phase, we formulate work specifications and initiate tenders for construction works. Our team conducts tender analysis and assists in appointing the contractor under the most suitable industry contract, safeguarding client interests and mitigating project risks.

Throughout the construction phase, we act as contract administrators, manage variations, assess payment applications, and conduct regular site inspections to ensure compliance with the design. We help our clients maintain control over project costs as the works progress on-site. We prepare a detailed project program, monitor its implementation, and deliver regular progress reports to the client. The project manager, serving as the main point of contact, collaborates closely with the lead designer. The project manager plays a pivotal role in synchronising project procurement and specialist subcontractors with on-site activities, ensuring the work progresses without delays.

Upon completion of construction works, we conduct thorough inspections, compile a list of defects, and monitor their rectification. We update and issue the final account, preparing the property for a seamless handover to the client. Our end-to-end approach ensures a smooth and successful project lifecycle.

Project Insight

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