Crafting Cosy Luxury Interiors
Is the heart of our Design Mantra.

The boutique studio in the heart of Hampstead provides complete interior architecture and interior design services within London's sought-after postcodes, curating tailored homes that are authentic, enjoyable and timeless. The boutique studio's designs are not generic, nor style driven but are inspired by the property's location, architectural vernacular and the lifestyle and taste of our clients, resulting in homes meticulously designed with a refined aesthetic.

Get to Know Our Interior Design Studio in London

Established in 2013, Black and Milk is led by husband and wife Toly and Olga. A shared passion for design and creating tailored homes resulted in the formation of Black and Milk, which houses a team with an ambition to inspire and present innovative thinking and a holistic design approach. At Black and Milk, we understand design and recognise the value of people. We are proud to have assembled a diverse and multi-disciplined team that provides us with the necessary expertise to push boundaries for clients seeking the pursuit of magic.

Olga Alexeeva

Creative Director

Olga, our Creative Director, brings both a creative vision and technical talent to Black and Milk. Inspired by European art and architecture, Olga’s interiors strike the perfect balance of warmth, sophistication and functionality. In addition, she applies a fresh, open-minded approach to each project, taking as much time as needed to develop a comprehensive understanding of each client’s needs.

Toly Alekseev

Business Director

Toly, a co-director of Black and Milk, brings structure to the interior design process and ensures project smooth, full-cycle delivery. Toly’s team works closely with clients, the design team and contractors to ensure all milestones are met and the project flows smoothly from start to finish. With a background in management consultancy and project management, Toly's ability to understand every facet of the design process ensures he is perfectly positioned to help support clients throughout their journey at Black and Milk.

The Studio

Black and Milk's award-winning interior design team approaches each project as a unique design journey, carefully considering client lifestyles, preferences and personal needs, whilst interpreting tastes and ambitions to create your perfect home. 

The studio's work ranges from interior design schemes for new builds to full turnkey refurbishments of historic properties. Black and Milk prides itself on making the design process a collaborative journey built upon a concept of your ideal to deliver your visual story. As a result, their clients maintain complete control over every aspect of their new home.

Our Design Philosophy

At the heart of Black and Milk's philosophy is treating every project as if it were their own home. The team shares many of their client's values, including the desire for a meticulously designed space and impeccable customer service. Our approach is non-compromising, with all functional and aesthetic requirements met. 

The founders believe in a steady progression. The combination of creativity, hard work and patience have enabled Black and Milk to be what it is now.

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