Over the years, we've cultivated a network of reliable suppliers, ranging from prominent furniture distributors representing major brands to skilled local artisans.

Our procurement team actively participates in the design process from the outset. In the early project stages, they secure quotes and estimates for the design specifications, enhancing cost certainty and providing our clients with the best possible pricing through access to trade pricing and volume discounts.

Having crafted our first bespoke kitchen in 2013 and quickly becoming an online sensation, we've since designed numerous bespoke kitchens and forged partnerships with European and UK-based makers. This allows us to identify the optimal manufacturer based on cost, quality, and production timeframe considerations.

The expenditure on Joinery frequently stands out as the primary cost element in a project, owing to the distinctive nature of this bespoke product category. In our projects, we strategically integrate bespoke Joinery with customisable fitted furniture sourced from esteemed Italian manufacturers. These items offer excellent design choices and quality and prove to be more cost-effective than locally produced bespoke items.

As the project transitions to implementation, our procurement team collaborates closely with the project manager and main contractor, bringing added value through our trade pricing and volume discounts. From negotiating the best prices to order management, transportation, warehousing, insurance, exchange of damaged items, and on-site delivery and installation, our team handles every aspect.

Utilising a leading receiving warehouse that consolidates items for all our projects, we ensure rigorous quality control through meticulous hand checks. This process guarantees that items are ready for immediate installation on the project without delays.

Before initiating procurement, our team assesses property access restrictions and formalises installation plans. We can handle the most complex deliveries and employ cranes and hoists when necessary to install bulky items in restricted environments, ensuring a seamless and efficient process from start to finish.

Project Insight

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