Blog: Ten Luxury Modern Bathroom Design Schemes for 2023

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April 10th, 2023 | Blog

A true sanctuary of the house is the bathroom. It's a space where one can find tranquillity and privacy. Hence, good design is crucial in these settings. Many people were finally completing projects they started in prior years but were halted owing to the difficulty of supply chain problems that arose during the epidemic, making 2023 an intriguing year for luxury bathroom design. Because homeowners can now enjoy previous patterns and fashions, they are currently lasting longer than they might have.

Luxury bathroom design will be more significant than ever in 2023. These are ten luxury bathroom design ideas that we will see in 2023, regardless of whether you are developing a new bathroom or simply trying to update an old one.


Because of its enjoyable, nostalgic vibe, terrazzo has recently had a significant revival in the modern bathroom. In the bathroom, terrazzo is a material we adore. Terrazzo is such a distinctive approach to enhancing the room and creating a stylish pattern. Fluted terrazzo tiles or giant flat square terrazzo tiles can be used on walls which will help create depth and add texture. According to the designers, installing terrazzo is the ideal method to add flair to a bathroom with a neutral colour scheme.

Bold Tile

Why not be daring when tiling a bathroom? The days of the bland, all-white bathroom are over. Instead, it is ideal for using bold tile and showing off your uniqueness.

Using bold tile in the shower can help make a statement in the space and quickly elevates it. Likewise, a strongly patterned tile will give the interior space a whimsical touch and enable you to add exciting layers to your home.

Colourful Sinks

In 2023, vibrant sinks will make a significant reappearance. Non-traditional, vibrant sinks are a major modern luxury bathroom trend that we are observing. One of the finest ways to maximise the design and genuinely elevate a small space is to use a vibrant colour for a powder room sink.

Powder rooms benefit significantly from colourful sinks since they stand out in a compact area and serve as a focus point. Matching a bright wall colour with a colourful sink, which adds even more luxury.

Powder Rooms

The design of powder rooms has received increased attention in recent years. For more reserved homeowners, these smaller spaces are perfect for experimenting with design and straying slightly from the home's general theme. Make your small powder room a hidden gem in your house to give it a significant effect. Then, for your guests who need to powder their noses, it's a pleasant surprise and experience.

The Triton Residence

Bespoke Vanity Designs

A vanity is a necessary fixture, so why not make it fascinating and let it influence the atmosphere of the room? Designers have been reusing cabinets and furniture, but clients frequently ask for them. So custom-made vanities that mimic lovely furniture are here to stay – especially the ones that combine traditional and exquisite materials with delicate textures in timeless designs, such as rich walnut wood and natural marble stones.

Moreover, this option is more environmentally friendly. Vintage or recycled vanities add character and warmth to the room while protecting the object to prevent it from ending up in a landfill. They may also make a basic bathroom appear warm, well-curated, and less pricey. Eco-friendly design is timeless and will never go out of style.

The Triton Residence

Natural Materials

In 2023, say farewell to synthetic sinks and vanities. Instead, incorporate more natural and imperfect materials. Warm, welcoming luxury bathrooms will be essential in 2023. It entails utilising organic materials like wood, zellige-style handmade tiles, or stone that has been tumbled, brushed, or honed.

Stone and travertine sinks are significant components of this natural style. Installing a stone bathroom sink may define the area and create a stunning statement. In addition, the sink is a tremendous opportunity to do something exceptional in the bathroom.

Westbourne House Apartment

Statement and Freestanding Bathtubs

Bespoke and freestanding bathtubs have been popular in modern luxury bathrooms for several years, and many designers believe this trend will continue. It is a fantastic method to establish a focal point in the space and can significantly increase the value of your house. Add gold fixtures to the bathtub to give your main bathroom a luxurious, dramatic look with a spa-like feel.

The rising popularity of oversized baths is a sign of how society has prioritised self-care in recent years. There is nothing better than when you treat yourself to a well-earned bath at the end of a long day or use your gorgeously decorated tub as a commute bath to switch from work to home life.

The Triton Residence

Unlacquered Brass Hardware

While matte black and silver hardware is considered to be a passing trend, unlacquered brass hardware may become more popular. Unlacquered brass is classic and eye-catching in a minimalist bathroom. In addition, we like utilising unlacquered brass since it can be more easily blended into interiors and has a less reflective finish than lacquer.

Zellige Tile

Compared to other varieties of tile, zellige tile has a cosier texture and a more traditional appearance. It can create an eye-catching feature on a wall. It is a tile that has seen a lot of use in the previous three years, but because of its organic nature, it can look excellent in both new construction and character homes. With so many colour possibilities available, it is a fantastic choice in bathroom design. It is also a reasonably budget-friendly solution readily accessible in an era of more prolonged than usual lead times.

Attention to Detail

Paying attention to detail will be crucial to the design process. With bathrooms, there are many more specifics in the materials and fittings chosen. Bathrooms and toilets are increasingly becoming the centre of attention. There is a great demand for the usage of interestingly coloured ceramic toilets that complement both recessed and bowl sinks. Luxury bathroom plumbing fittings now have marble handles and are finished in bronze and gunmetal rather than nickel.

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