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If you’re in a cinema, the screen doesn’t sit on the floor,’ notes Olga Alexeeva, who owns the interior design firm Black and Milk. She suggests hanging televisions around 70cm from the floor. If you do place your screen on a base, remember a TV set that is wider than the unit on which it stands tends to look odd.

More images in Black and Milk project: Canaletto Tower Apartment Design

January 2018

Siberia-born Olga and Anatoly Alekseev are on a mission: to change the perception of Russian interior design. “It’s such a cliché, what Russians want,” Anatoly says. “A lot of working-class people got very wealthy, and they wanted their interiors to show that off. That’s not the case any more; people appreciate good design. We call it understated luxury.”

Natural materials, earthy color pallet, textile and home plants turn the modern home into cosy and warm home.

What distinguishes contemporary architecture above all else is clear, linear shape and large windows. Cold materials such as concrete are often used as a styling element. The difficulty is, therefore, to “warm up” environment. We explain which materials and design strategies are suitable for this. Interior design studio Black & Milk created a very successful scheme in modern space in a London apartment…


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