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March 1st, 2018 | Blog

Olga Alexeeva was briefed by a firm of London developers to modernise a very small studio flat in Central London. This space saving interior design task included reconfiguring the space, installing a new kitchen and new bathroomdecorating and furniture sourcing. “This apartment was very petite and hadn’t been touched for thirty years, it was a wreck,” says Olga. But that wasn’t a problem for Olga, “Living in a small flat is the norm for many people in my home country of Russia, so I know exactly how to maximise space.” The layout and décor was created with a professional woman in mind who works in the creative and media industries. Read on to find out Olga’s space saving interior design techniques.

Space Saving Interior Design Challenges

The entire space only measured 25 square meters with a separate bathroom. It will come as no surprise that the biggest challenge was the size of the apartment which was very small and cramped with internal partitions. The kitchen was particularly problematic, with an unusable configuration which occupied too much space. This property was over 150 years old, which threw up several challenges including moving ancient pipework. The flat was situated on the top floor of a block in a quiet courtyard. This was an issue because no road access meant that all building materials needed to be carried upstairs.

Space Saving Interior Design Layout

The apartment had a number of partitions which Olga removed to achieve a rectangular shape which immediately created a sense of space. This allowed for a large living and sleeping area with multifunctional uses. The finished interior for this small apartment is astonishing. It caters for the lifestyle of a busy professional including working, entertaining and relaxing. This is something that Olga was eager to achieve, “with such a tiny studio it was important to create maximum space and functionality.” The apartment incorporates a small but perfectly formed kitchen. To ensure that all the necessary appliances fitted in neatly, Olga designed the kitchen first and then built the walls around it. To give the bathroom a roomier feel, Olga selected a diamond shaped shower enclosure. She says, “this shape worked extremely well because it was far less obtrusive and had a minimal look which is exactly what this room needed.” With a small wall mounted toilet and slim cistern Olga could afford to include a descent sized basin with vanity unit for additional storage.

Space Saving Interior Design Decoration

Luckily, the apartment was blessed with good natural light due to the positioning on the top floor. Olga choose a pale colour scheme to enhance the space and maximise the open feeling whilst adding touches of colour through the floor rug and sofa cushions. The age of the property did have benefits when it came to making a feature out of the original metal windows which were stripped back and painted black. Likewise, the beautiful vintage radiator was another original feature which was restored with a lick of antique gold paint. Premium feel finishes were incorporated into the design but it was luxe for less. For instance, the porcelain tiles in the kitchen look like marble but they cost a fraction of the price.

Space Saving Interior Design Furniture

The furniture was selected with space saving in mind with the ultimate aim of achieving a boutique hotel feel. The double bed pulls down from the wall over the sofa and can be easily folded up during the day. The sofa was selected because it can be extended to become a corner design, making it ideal for relaxing. The furniture also includes a six seater dining table which rests against the wall as a console when it is not in use. Great storage in a small apartment is essential so Olga included an ample wardrobe with drawer space. This Central London studio apartment was given a new lease of life and now works as a multifunctional space which caters for the lifestyle of the busy professional woman who is lucky enough to live there!

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