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March 15th, 2017 | Press

Houzz Tour: A One-bed London Flat Gets a Stylish New Look

An improved layout, clever ideas and a fresh take on the midcentury look give this neat urban flat style and space

Words by Joanna Simmons

The owners of this compact apartment, which was built in the 1990s, had lived in a furnished, rented home before, so moving here was a fun opportunity to start from scratch. They asked interior designer Olga Alexeeva to design the new look for their sixth-floor pad in the City of London. “They wanted to add some clever tricks and solutions to help boost space,” she says. “Functionality and good space planning were crucial to this project.” Alexeeva redesigned the layout, borrowing square footage from the bathroom to create a functional, light kitchen and then added space-efficient furniture and lighting to create a hard-working but cosy home, rocking a softly midcentury style.’

The apartment was completely refurbished, with walls removed, to create a larger kitchen and all the flooring and ceilings replaced. Alexeeva decided to keep a wall of mirrors, original to the flat. “It was there from the start,” she says. “We joked that there was someone sitting behind there watching us! The builders covered it up to protect it during the work and this made us realise how much it actually helped the room, so we decided to keep it.”


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