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April 18th, 2018 | Blog
Light and Airy Interior Design

Our Light and Airy Interior Design is perfect for clients who enjoy neutral décor and wish to achieve a contemporary yet approachable sense of style for their apartment. This Light and Airy Interior Design maximises a small one-bedroom space by offering a multifunctional design incorporating zones for relaxing, dining and working. The contemporary furniture has been selected to give this flat a sense of space while keeping it light, bright and airy. For inspirational interior design ideas and furniture solutions for small rooms, read on.

Light and Airy Interior Design Concept

Space is tight in this one-bedroom flat but a multifunctional design, combining living, dining and study areas, makes the most of every metre. Designed as a whole, every piece in this room works beautifully together, but the space is also cleverly zoned. A rug anchors the living area containing a sofa big enough for family and friends. Both the dining area and study feature furniture with a delicate silhouette, to keep the space uncluttered and each zone has dedicated lighting to create intimacy. A colour scheme of off-whites and greys is on-trend, and effortlessly beautiful and helps the room feel open and airy. Contrasting details add definition; the artwork, circular mirror, coffee table, console table and vintage-style radiator. Large-scale pieces such as the armchair, rug and wide floorboards actually make the room feel bigger. “People often think, use small objects in a small space,” says Olga, “but they can make a room appear more petite.”

Multi-functional does not have to mean cramped. Furniture specifically selected for its style and proportions allows this room to work hard, but look beautifully uncluttered. The dining table is a fresh white and stands on a single pedestal, for a clean outline. The sofa is low but super comfy, and the large rug extending from beneath it creates an illusion of even more room. Smart storage is vital in a hard-working room. Shelves are mounted high up, providing display and storage but leaving walls free for artwork which looks beautiful and also punctuates the pale wall. An elegant sideboard sits on legs so that the maximum floor area is visible which is a great way to enhance the feeling of space. This sofa contains storage and converts to a guest bed, too which is a brilliant marriage of style and practicality.

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Where space is at a premium, finding furniture with just the right proportions is essential. Too big and it will dominate and if too small it will be impractical. This table is oval shaped, which allows for flexible seating (six chairs), yet the dining area still feels open. Its curved shape is echoed by the circular pendant lights above, for a harmonious feel.The room works as one coordinated space, or as different zones, with the lighting key to its ability to move between functions. Lighting can be used to unify the space or create intimate corners. This cosy reading corner, for example, is lit by its own wall light. The dining table and desk are lit by pendant lights, while the living area is flanked by a standard lamp and a table lamp on the console. If you love this Light and Airy Interior Design Package, we can tailor it to suit your particular apartment and your unique tastes. Contact Black and Milk today to realise your interior dreams.

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