Blog: Interior Design Trends That Will Influence Your Home in 2023

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January 7th, 2023 | Blog

Influence of Mother Nature 

It's safe to assume that the beauty of the natural world is one of the significant sources of inspiration for many people when it comes to interior design trends. Creating an indoor-outdoor feel in the home can simultaneously be tranquil, relaxing, uplifted, and energetic. This can be achieved with the help of natural colour palettes, warm woods, and the durability of natural stone. Homeowners increasingly seek a stronger connection to nature, whether directly provided by roof terraces, balconies, and exquisitely planted gardens or a more subdued gesture to the outdoors throughout the house. This can take shape in natural-looking colours, textures, and shapes that evoke a sense of tranquillity.

Layered Lighting

Homeowners are focusing far more on the emotional impact of rooms in their homes and how they function. With more rooms serving several purposes, our homes are working harder than ever for us. In addition, the trend towards installing versatile lighting that can be adjusted to suit the room while it is being used is expected to continue growing in the open-plan living and kitchen-dining areas.

The days of merely turning on the "big light" are long gone, and 2023 lighting trends emphasise utilising various light sources in a place. The proper use of layered lighting may change the ambience and ambience in a room and assist us in better use of our surroundings. From warm, inviting pools of light produced by comfy table lamps and floor lights to functional work lighting in a kitchen or study.

Intelligent lighting and statement pieces with strong focal points in the house can be achieved by using compelling silhouettes and uncommon materials.

Multiple Textural Elements

More and more of us want to design a house that exudes cosiness and cocooning exuberance, and without texture, a place would look unfinished. Texture is the ideal technique to give space depth, dimension, and decadence.

Rooms that are rich in texture feel incredibly warm and welcoming. This interior design trend can be full of character and depth with the variety of materials utilised throughout the furnishings, including fabric and leather, as well as the wooden panelling, rug, and sheer curtains.

Interior Design Trends - Find sustainable solutions

The design community should be at the forefront of this issue, and designers should be sustainability ambassadors. Consumers can only buy sustainable items if designers develop with sustainability in mind.

The importance of sustainable interior design is rising, and businesses, designers, and consumers are all working together to create and use environmentally friendly items. Sustainability in the interior industry is more than just a fad; it marks the beginning of a significant new era of careful design, from investment pieces made to last to goods made from recyclable and renewable materials.

Arches And Curves

For quite some time, sharp angles have disappeared from interior design elements like surfaces and architectural details, starting with upholstery. Nowadays, organic curves and flowing forms are dominating a wide range of design trends, from lighting to sofas

Curvaceous shapes and rounded edges can give a room a more "soft" appearance, making it feel warm, cosy, and comfortable. 

Interior Design Trends - Warm Neutrals

The overuse of grey and beige in interior design is one of the worst trends of 2022 and a pattern we are largely abandoning for 2023.

Instead, warm, earthy hues are becoming increasingly popular in interior design arts, with delicate pinks, soft yellows, and comforting browns working exceptionally well as energising, modern neutrals.

To create a natural, modern, and clean look, delicate pinks, soft neutrals, and warm browns are ideal. They also make any area feel snug and comforting.

These hues can be utilised as accents in home decor or as a scheme's primary colour. However, because of their warm undertones, which give each hue a feeling of coherence, the shades look their best when combined.

Statement Stoneware

Statement stoneware is one of the top trends that many interior designers anticipate for 2023. Natural materials like marble and travertine have an unquestionably ageless charm. The year 2023 will see statement stoneware used throughout the home, from sculptural stone side tables in a bedroom to a stand-out marble fireplace in a living room. Stoneware is currently most frequently used for bathroom ideas and kitchen ideas.

Interior Design Trends - Combining the old with the new

In 2023, we'll be giving old items a new lease of life and fusing historical styles with contemporary design fads as we look back for the sense of security and comfort that familiarity brings.

There has been a significant impact of nostalgia on how people decorate their homes. Brass fixtures, unexpected flashes of colour, and inventive designs are among the decade-related motifs that have returned thanks to social media. Likewise, spaces look pleasantly lived in when mid-century styles are combined with contemporary furniture.

Using an eclectic mix of the old and the modern can only result in a more distinctive, characterful, and authentic home, whether you decorate with antiques, buy used furniture, or embrace the comeback of 70s style throughout furniture trends.

Confidently colourful

With brands like Benjamin Moore declaring Raspberry Blush as their colour of the year and Pantone announcing Viva Magenta as their colour of the year 2023, this celebration of solid and impactful reds embodies how 2023 is the year for colour confidence and embracing more outlandish and striking room colour ideas.

Personalised, artisanal designs

These "trends" will encourage us to shop more ethically and "shop small" and celebrate the handcrafted, artisanal designs and craftsmanship from around the world. For 2023, intelligent, sustainable design will be a central focus and a nod to more nostalgic designs.

Contrary to the former uber-minimalist trend, customers now take a more varied collector's approach to interior design. We anticipate buyers moving towards a more opulent, collected house this year. This year, we anticipate an overlap with maximalism regarding the influence of different cultures within interior design trends, from Parisian richness to Mediterranean layering.

We will return to a slower, more ritualistic way of existence through abrasive forms and rustic, handcrafted artefacts linked to the ceremony, history, and far-flung travel.

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