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The fully finished house design projects are showcased in the portfolio cases section of this page.

House design involves the design and organization of both the interior and exterior spaces of a house, taking into consideration functionality, aesthetics, structural integrity, and the needs and preferences of the homeowners.

The Black and Milk Studio has performed such projects as Garden House and Modern Home in Hampstead.

We are expanding our collection of London house designs, and you will soon discover more accomplished house design projects on this list.

Engage our London interior designers if you wish to obtain pricing for your house design project.

Furthermore, Black and Milk Studio has been featured in various articles published in UK periodicals and newspapers.

We have provided press pieces wherein our experts' viewpoints or our house design projects were deliberated upon.

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  • Q: What are the most important factors to consider when designing a house?

    A: The most important factors include functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability. Consider the layout and how each room will be used to ensure practical and comfortable living spaces. Choose a design style that reflects your personal taste and complements the house's architecture. Incorporate energy-efficient materials and systems to create a sustainable home that reduces environmental impact and saves on utility costs.

  • Q: How can I create a harmonious flow between indoor and outdoor spaces?

    A: To create a harmonious flow, use similar materials and colors for both indoor and outdoor areas. Large windows and glass doors can visually connect the spaces and allow for natural light to enter. Design outdoor areas, such as patios and gardens, to function as extensions of your indoor living spaces. Consider incorporating indoor-outdoor furniture and decor elements that work well in both settings.

  • Q: What are some tips for personalizing my house design?

    A: Personalize your house design by incorporating elements that reflect your lifestyle and interests. Use a mix of textures and colors that you love, and include personal artifacts, artwork, and photos. Customize built-in features, such as shelving or cabinetry, to suit your storage needs. Consider creating unique focal points, like a statement wall or a custom piece of furniture, to add character and make the space truly your own.

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