About Black and Milk


Established in 2013, Black & Milk is led by Olga and Toly, Russian nationals based in London with a passion for presenting a fresh take on interior design. Olga, our Creative Director has an impressive track record as a contemporary interior designer for clients in London’s most prestigious neighbourhoods. She combines a degree in computer science with a BA Hons in interior design at University of the Arts London; she brings a technical talent and precision to design, enhanced by her eye for detail, finishes and furniture.

Inspired by her homeland and her fascination with European art and architecture, Olga offers a relaxed yet luxurious approach to modern interiors. Her desire for perfection and impeccably high standards are attributes from her Russian upbringing - something she is proud to bring to all her work at Black & Milk.

Anatoly, a co-director of Black and Milk brings structure to the interior design process. With a background in management consultancy and project management, he works closely with our design teams and clients to ensure the smooth, full cycle delivery of projects from agreeing the brief to delivering the end result.


We bring precision, beauty and understated luxury to modern homes.

We pride ourselves on the ability to create truly bespoke design schemes, applying a fresh approach to each project. We take our clients on a design journey to develop interiors that reflect their personality and enrich the architecture of the space. All our interiors are created to provide an emotional comfort and enhance the lifestyle.

We don’t have a single recognisable style. All our projects are different, as personalities of our clients. We like to create relaxed interiors with an eclectic mix of mid-century, scandi, industrial and contemporary styles. We steer clear of brash or overly designed spaces, preferring a look of understated luxury.

We like the challenge of creating interiors for urban developments, where apartments are compact and require cleaver space planning.

We take project planning seriously and will work with you to ensure your project is meticulously planned and delivered flawlessly.

We offer honest and constructive advice to clients throughout the design process.


  • "Olga's approach to work is not just about being professional, she has a very creative mindset and is able to visualise exactly what the space / client needs and is looking for"
  • "Olga and her team are a fantastic talent in helping us source the right furniture for our newly expanded home"
  • "Black and Milk had the vision to transfer the property into a beautiful flat making use of every square inch of space"
  • "Olga really excels when it comes to spacial planning of a room, she was able to create a luxurious and comfortable flat with a small foot print"
  • "Olga's sense of space and colour matching are inspiring ... she has a great eye for detail and colour"